Vancouver Whitecaps hold fashion show

Move over, Derek Zoolander. Step aside, Hansel. You've got some competish on the runway after the Vancouver Whitecaps FC held its own fashion show last week.

OK, maybe not.

"The guys don't take themselves too seriously," midfielder John Thorrington told Playbook on Sunday. "We just had a bit of fun with it. It wasn't serious. 'Blue Steel' wasn't called for."

But it was a real, full-blown fashion show at the Major League Soccer club's home stadium, BC Place -- one to commemorate the launch of Vancouver's first third kit, and one that involved not only a large selection of players, but their families as well.

The club put together the show ahead of Father's Day, but it wasn't just for merchandising. They wanted to show off the kit -- a brown one, inspired by British Columbia's forests -- in a fun setting, well before the team's game against the Colorado Rapids (which Vancouver won).

A few players gladly participated. Thorrington served as emcee, giving him the chance to rib teammates while introducing them.

"We had a good time with it," said Thorrington, whose father and daughter walked the runway while he stayed on mike (see below). "[The club] really cultivates [a family feel] within the team. They do a really good job of connecting the families and the wives and the front office. Had they not taken the time and effort to do something like that, it would have been difficult to pull off the fashion show the way they did."

As for the kit itself ... ?

"I think it got a good response here in Vancouver," Thorrington said (check out some of that response here). "It's very classic-looking, and I think that matches our other two uniforms.

"It is a very good-looking kit."

Maybe even ... really, really, really ridiculously good-looking.


Forward Sebastien Le Toux.

A host of participants, including forward Eric Hassli, followed by Alain Rochat.

The full lineup.

Molly Rouse of the Whitecaps women's squad.

Mascot Spike with defender Alain Rochat's children Malicia and Natheo Rochat, and Nate Jackman (son of Whitecaps vice president of brand and partnerships Kim Jackman).

Midfielder Matt Watson, with his children Evelyn Watson and Theo Watson.

Defender Jay DeMerit.

Thorrington's father, Peter Thorrington, and daughter, Elle Thorrington.

And a look behind the scenes, featuring goalkeeper Joe Cannon and more ...

All photos courtesy of Vancouver Whitecaps FC on Facebook.