Luck, RGIII, other rookies become artists

Rookies like Andrew Luck (top right) and Robert Griffin III (bottom right) made art on index cards. Courtesy of Panini America

Most folks would agree that the 35 NFL players who attended May’s 2012 NFLPA Rookie Premiere have football down to an art form. Their real art forms, though, are every bit as interesting, compelling, revealing and fun to look at.

Andrew Luck the Picasso is no match for Andrew Luck the passer, but his rendition of Lucas Oil Stadium is pretty darn impressive. Robert Griffin III likely won’t draw comparisons to Vincent van Gogh, but he will draw a colorfully poignant tree. And while Brandon Weeden is no Andy Warhol, his use of color is, dare we say, impeccable.

Indeed, you can learn a lot about a player by handing him a blank 2 1/2-by-3 1/2 cardboard canvas and telling him to “sketch something.” That’s essentially what Panini America officials did in late May, and the resulting original sketch cards, as you’ll soon see, are equal parts inspirational, elementary, fascinating and funny.

Below is a selection of the images:

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