Alex Morgan talks Katy Perry, music playlist

For ESPN The Magazine's Feb. 18 Music Issue, we persuaded 14 athletes to recreate some of the most memorable album covers ever. As part of our supplemental coverage on Playbook Sounds, we will be running behind-the-scenes interviews with each athlete, as well as their own personal playlists.

• Athlete: Alex Morgan, U.S. women's national soccer team

• As: Katy Perry on "One of the Boys" (2008)

What was your initial thought on remaking this cover?

When I was brought the idea to recreate an album cover, I was excited about it right away. I've heard some of what the other covers are and it's really cool. It's such a a great idea. And look what I am dressed as -- it's a little ridiculous.

Take me through the selection process.

There were quite a few album covers but not too many female iconic covers -- but I love Katy Perry. There were a couple of other choices but I just gravitated toward this one. The cover is cute and fun. It's a great shoot -- such a fun background and I never get to wear an outfit like this.

What do you like about Katy Perry?

I love how she is so fun; her music is cool for me to work out to, have fun with your girlfriends -- so I love that part of it. And obviously I watched her movie. I will say, you gotta watch the movie.

Favorite Katy Perry song?

"I Kissed a Girl." My dad was listening to it back then. It's like she came out of nowhere.

What do you think you have in common?

I don't have a voice like her, I don't really look like her -- though I kinda do now. I would say there are a lot of differences. Our fans are the same age -- a lot of young girls look up to me, and I do know her concerts are filled with young people, so that's probably the similarity. Even though I'm a fan, she appeals to that young generation.

What was the transformation process like?

Hair and makeup took quite a while. I love the lips, I love the curls. This shoot was 75 percent getting ready, 25 percent shoot. The shot was one and done. It was perfecting every little detail the whole shoot: Sit this way, don't move, raise your eyebrows, move this.

How is your eyebrow-raise game?

That's something I was trying to perfect, the eyebrow raise. I'm trying really hard. Hopefully we got it.

What was your favorite part of the shoot?

Looking at the shot afterwards and comparing mine and seeing what we got. Look at these clothes -- they're exactly the same.

What role does music play in your life?

Music is so huge to soccer, to my life, to working out. I usually have headphones when I'm cleaning the house or making dinner. Whatever it is, there's always music going; I'm always looking for new music -- and it's different types of music. When I'm hanging out at the house, that's going to be different music than when I'm getting ready for the game. Music is a big part of my life, and I'm always open to new recommendations.

What gets you hyped?

I feel like it's a lot of pop music -- Katy Perry, Rihanna. Music that you can get up and dance to, you know the words, it's easy to sing along to, having fun -- your adrenaline is starting to build. That sort of music. The head-banging music gives me a headache. Katy Perry is fun, Rihanna, old-school ’90s hip-hop. Salt-N-Pepa. I like listening to that. Get the nerves out before the games.

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