Vitor Belfort stars in video for The Almost

Since "Rocky" premiered in 1976, the training montage has been an enduring part of pop culture. No film about a boxer or martial artist would be complete without it. We see the fighter enduring intense physical punishment; we hear the heroic music; we find ourselves rooting for the hero; we suddenly realize we should be running stadium stairs instead of sitting on the couch eating chips.

You can add mixed martial arts fighter Vitor Belfort to the list of fighters whose training has been memorably set to music. The former UFC light heavyweight champion is featured in the video for "I'm Down" by The Almost. It's the first single off their album "Fear Inside Our Bones," released in June.

The video starts as fellow UFC fighter Cezar Ferreira sends Belfort to the dimly-lit canvas with a right cross. But as the chorus reminds us, "I'm down, don't count me out." Before we know it, Belfort is back training -- or is it a flashback? -- as The Almost turns up the volume and the song becomes a Southern-style stomp, complete with slide guitar. We see Belfort lifting weights, sparring and spending time with his family in between shots of the band wailing away.

Finally, we return to the cage, in which Belfort is once more going toe-to-toe with Ferreira.

Who wins? You'll have to find out for yourself …

The Almost: "I'm Down" off the Fear Inside Our Bones album. (iTunes | Amazon)