Snap to it!

Stay with me here.

Philip Rivers, the San Diego Chargers QB, has been a starter in the NFL for six years now. That's -- just a ballpark guess -- about 5,400 snaps in games as a pro.

But ... Rivers was a full-time starter at North Carolina State for four seasons. I’m estimating he took about 3,400 game snaps in his college career.

And ... Rivers played four years of Decatur (Ala.) High School football. Roughly 1,200 snaps there.

That's about 10,000 game snaps. But there's all those practice snaps, too.

Figuring three live practices a week, 50 snaps a practice, five months a year, for all 16 seasons, that works out to 48,000 practice snaps.

Add that to the game snaps and you're at 58,000 snaps, not counting junior high, backyard, OTA practices, etc.

And yet when he needs one more snap to set up the chip-shot field goal to beat the Kansas City Chiefs last Monday night, he forgets the cardinal rule of the snap, the one essential fundamental to remember after nearly 60,000 snaps: You don't close your hands until the ball is in them.