And now for something Jeremy Lin didn't do:

Lin didn't win $7.93 (the exact cost of a cheese sandwich, fries and Coke at Denny's) in our first-ever Twitter #Cashtag contest. The #Cashtag subject was #ThinnestSportsBooks.

But before we announce who DID win, we must first announce this week's #Cashtag subject: #WorstSportsMascots.

For instance, if you were to tweet me (@ReillyRick) with "The Cincinnati Cyst" you might win $7.93!

Or if you were to send in, "Sammy the Dyspeptic Seal" you might win $7.93!

Or ... "Mincing Barry" might do it. Think of what you might do with $7.93! Buy 17 Natty Lights?

While you're thinking up those (deadline is Thursday, noon), be inspired by this week's cheesy winner, and the other worthwhile efforts (other worthwhile efforts get no money).


"Into Thin Hair" by Troy Polamalu

-- Andrew Luria (@AndrewLuria)

Congrats, Mr. Luria -- Go buy yourself a cheese sandwich! (And look for a check, written by my wife, in your mailbox. Please do not hack our account.)


"Minimizing Turnover in the Workplace" by Jim Irsay

-- Sean Gannon @SeanGannon2

"A Blank Canvas" by Pete Rose's Barber

-- Derek Lippincott @derrrrrique

"Shots I Wouldn't Take: The Kobe Bryant Story."

-- Dan Reidy @DR3IDY

"Knowing When to Walk Away" by Brett Favre

-- Bryon Meyer @bryonmeyer

"A Brief Explanation" by Ed Hoculi

-- Kirk Reuter @donkeyhoatie

"Abstinence" by Antonio Cromartie

-- Bobby Maxwell @theGreatBobino

"Asian Hockey Greats"

-- TheSportsIlluminati @SportIlluminati

"My Life as a Champion" by Anna Kournikova

-- Steve Kniss @stevekniss

"The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Malfunction" by Janet Jackson

--Andrew Luria @AndrewLuria

"Clutch When it Counts: The Billy Cundiff Story"

-- Ditty @theDittyLama

"Knowing Your Team's Potential" by Mike D'Antoni

-- Justin Lang @jlang20

"Basketball Practice Drills" by Allen Iverson

-- Zachary Botelho @zbotelho66

"My Life as a Laker" by Chris Paul

-- John ryan @rjohn8106


"It's Not You, It's Me" by Milton Bradley

-- Dave Heraty @Haggerty11

"The Complexity of My Mind" by Ochocinco

-- Scott Palmer @ScottPalmer11

"My Fourth Quarter Heroics" by LeBron James

-- Lewis Addison @lewis_addison

"Field Goal Specs" by Scott Norwood

--Kittens O'Connor @Duquetter

"My Time at Notre Dame" by George O'Leary

-- Jeff Grantz @jefeusc

"Between the Sheets" by Tim Tebow

-- J. Wickham @jawickham

"What Heaven Looks Like" by Al Davis

-- Art Thiel @Art_Thiel

"Sexism and the Media" by Danica Patrick

-- Tim 'Patch' Rogers @Patches_OfLight

"Genetics" by Jimmy The Greek

-- Jason Rowland @firstfireeater

"Weekend at Stevie's" (a pop-up book) by Tiger Woods.

-- John Schnettgoecke @JohnSchnett

"Above The Kim: My Married Life As A Kardashian" by Kris Humphries

--Scott Lee @SleeTweets

"Rich Rodriguez: A Michigan Man."

--Taylor DesOrmeau @TDesOrmeau

"Deep Thoughts" by Rob Gronkowski

-- Dan Hajek @luvboatcptn

"Bad Things John Wooden Did"

--Madeline's Dad @WAMK

"Charlie Weis: Salad My Way"

-- Zack Woodrich @zackwoodrich

"Facial Expressions: Excitement of Variety!" by Bill Belichick

--bradley gillespie @bscottgill

"Pebble Beach on $5 a Day"

-- John Reilly @peachrules

(That last one is my brother. He's funny.)

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