You people are sick, twisted and definitely out-of-round. This is why I like you so much.

Approximately 93 percent of your answers to this week's #Cashtag: #WorstSportsMascots were so dirty, awful and disgusting that I laughed for hours. Also, my editor said I couldn't use them.

We did have a winner, but, before you find that out, you must learn what this week's #Cashtag is. This week's #Cashtag is #MyLamestJockMoment.

These are your most embarrassing moments in sports. For instance, if you send, "The time I stole second base only to find my teammate already standing on it," you might win $7.93 (approx. price of a grilled cheese sandwich, fries and Coke at Denny's)!

Or ... "The time I set up for a free throw and the cheerleaders sang, 'Brian, Brian! He's our man! If he can't do it! Nobody can!' Except my name is Scott," you might win $7.93!

Or, if you were former Seattle Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth and you tweeted, "The time I ran into Bo Jackson," that might be worth $7.93!

Remember to tweet me @ReillyRick or your very-possibly-winning answer will float away to Pluto and perhaps Uranus.

As for me, #MyLamestJockMoment was probably the time I took my position at second base for infield practice for a Boulder (Colo.) High School game and my coach called me back to the dugout. I was sure he was going to give me some intricate piece of strategy for the coming game. Instead, he whispered, "Your pants are inside out."

WINNER #WorstSportsMascots

Mindy, the Pregnant Groupie

-- Jay (@BellsIT)

Jay, DM me your address and my wife will write you a check for $7.93 out of our personal account. As always, please do not hack our account and take everything in it.


Tommy Tapeworm

--TheAmusedGeek (@TheAmusedGeek)

Phil, the Floating Hypodermic Needle

--Scott Lee (@SleeTweets)

The Boston Buckners

--Jake Barge (@abduljabbarge)

The Phillie Religious Phanatic

--Tim Dwyer (@T_Dwyer)

The Pitt Stain

--Nathaniel Green (@greenpun)

"Punchy" The Philadelphia Crowd Safety Bear

--Rich Kamm (@blueNorangeNY)

Splatz, the formerly flying squirrel

--Scott Hunter (@hunters281)

Penn State Knitting Lion

--Mike Rohr (@mikerohr12)


The WV Mountain Ear

--Jeremy Ratliff (@jratliff3456)

Oral Roberts University's Stretch, the Fighting Dental Dam

--Scott Lee (@SleeTweets)

The Las Vegas Escort

--Joey Ramirez (@Jramirez17)

The Indiana Pacemaker

--John Klaassen (@JohnMKlaassen)

Santa Barbara Neverland Rancher

--Justin Mark (@Justinmarkmusic)

Boston Stranglers

--Andrew Hauschka (@freidasboss)

San Francisco Giant Bottle of Clear

--ProfessorDoel (@ProfessorDoel)

TCU Bongfrogs

--Seth Haselhuhn (@SethHuhn)

The New Jersey Snooki

--Todd Amerman (@Paytodd1uy)

The Taipei Personality

--wolffystyle (@wolffystyle)

The Intercourse, PA Trojan

--n8mcclafferty (@n8mcclafferty)

The Notre Dame Hunchbacks

--Dave K (@dkalmqt)

Santa Monica Lewinskis

--Dean Fagan (@Dffagan)

The Sports Hernia

--MattMoore131313 (@MattMoore131313)

The Cleveland Drives

--Mike Flick (@Flickerbock)

LA Smog

--Schutt (@MikeSchutt1)

The Cincinnati Cellmate

(I lost the name of the person who sent this -- sorry. You also will not be receiving any money.)

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