#cashtag: Athlete sandwiches

At the Stage Deli in New York City, there are 31 sandwiches named after celebrities, but only five of those are in homage of athletes -- The Derek Jeter, The Alex Rodriguez, The Pedro Martinez, The Paul LoDuca and The Tiger Woods. Thanks to #cashtag, the Twitter game that's sweeping the nation (@ReillyRick), we can change all that.

I asked my followers to invent new sandwiches for jocks, and I started with a few suggestions:

The John Daly: Hamburger, double cheese, triple mayo -- toasted.

The Tim Tebow: You order one and, suddenly, it serves 500.

The Curt Schilling: It spills ketchup on your sock.

The Brian McNamee: You eat it and then save the napkin for 10 years.

The Manu Ginobili: Ham on ham topped with ham on two slices of floppy ham.

We got hundreds of them, but the best was this one from Mark Brantner (@OneArrogantSOB):

The Warren Sapp: No bread.

As such, Mr. Brantner, you just won $7.93, the exact price of the grilled-cheese sandwich plate at Denny's, plus beverage. Your arrogance, in this case, is well deserved.

These entries were not quite sandwich worthy, but tasty just the same:

The Kevin Na: Hold the mayo, hold the mayo, hold the mayo, hold the mayo. I guess I will have mayo.


The Ryan Braun: You order it Saturday, but it doesn't get there till Monday.

Matthew Tiffany @matthew_tiffany

The Roger Goodell: You have no say in what goes on it.

Derek Lippincott @derrrrrique

The Wilt: Over 20,000 served.

MayJason Martens @wbbcoachmartens

The LeBron James: Voted best-looking sandwich but guaranteed you can't finish the whole thing.


The Jean Van De Velde: Classic French dip.


The Marshawn Lynch: PB and Skittles with no crust.

Jace Magavern @JaceMagavern

The T.O.: A delicious BLT, but you drop it on the way to the table.


The Erik Spoelstra: It gets stale.

Travis Reed @doreedo1420

The Bobby Petrino: Comes with a side dish.

Thomas Moore @MooreJunk

The John Calipari: After one, you're done.

Michael Kaplun @MichaelKaplun

The Roger Clemens: You order it and the waiter brings it to your wife.


The Jamie Moyer: First sandwich with no expiration date.

Jordan Coffey @JCoff10

Sadly, there was no entry from my brother, who's on a diet.