The Baltimore Ravens' biggest mistake

And now for the three worst deals in history:

1. Babe Ruth to the Yankees for "No No Nanette."

2. Russians sell America Alaska for $7 million.

3. Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh trades Anquan Boldin to his BROTHER for a sixth-round draft pick.

A SIXTH-ROUND PICK! You usually can't get a blocking sled for a sixth-round pick! A sixth-round pick is, in actual dollars, equal in value to a Subway Frequent Eater card with nine punches.

Just to repeat: Older brother John GAVE younger brother Jim his best receiver a month after beating him in the Super Bowl.

Did he feel THAT bad?

And now look ...

Week 1:

The Ravens go into Denver, a team they BEAT last season in the playoffs WITH Boldin, and get splattered WITHOUT him, 49-27.

The 49ers host the Packers and fricassee them 34-28 behind Boldin's THIRTEEN catches for 208 yards.

And Roger Goodell isn't looking into this?

Sure, the Ravens said they HAD to let Boldin go. Why? Because he wouldn't take a $2 million per year pay cut.

Just to repeat: They wanted the guy who helped lead them to a world championship to take a $2 million pay cut! And what else? Sweep out the boxes afterward?

And what did the Ravens do with all the money they saved on Boldin? They spent it on defense. That defense then went to Denver and gave up the most points in franchise history.

It may be the worst trade in NFL history.

And it could've been only one person's idea.

Their mother's.