A few moments with Fergie

You meet the strangest people in a giant cargo elevator after a Super Bowl.

A lady pushing a giant trash can. A giant guy with a dolly full of Bud Light.

And Fergie.

Yes, that Fergie -- lead singer of the hip-hop super group the Black Eyed Peas, her five-inch heels spiking trash as she walked in. She was there -- much shorter than you'd think -- among the debris and crates in a giant elevator leaving the top floor of Cowboys Stadium on Sunday night, not two hours after she'd performed at halftime.

She was drunk with relief at having gotten through it without a major catastrophe. At least that's what I think she was drunk with. Whatever the reason, she was pain-free and loving life.

"I really have no idea how we did," she gushed. "I'm just SO glad it's over and nothing horrible happened."

Did she know about the problems with sound cutting out on her mike?


Did she know about Christina Aguilera remixing the lyrics to the national anthem.

"No!" she said. "She did?"

Fergie was with her husband, actor Josh Duhamel, and her dad, Jon, which is what made her next question a little awkward.

"Did you like my outfit?"

It was a tight, low-cut, Tron-like black-and-silver number that lit up electronically to the music, part of an elaborate technological light show that looked stupendous in person but washed out on TV.

"Absolutely!" I said.

"Did you know they had to make a plaster cast of my chest for that?" she giggled.

I looked at Duhamel. He's 6-foot-3 and used to play quarterback at Minot State (N.D.). I looked at her dad, who used to coach football in Santa Barbara.

They awaited my reply.

"Did you get to keep it? Because you could get a lot for that on eBay."

She laughed. Duhamel seemed satisfied. Then her dad came up and asked if I thought the NFL would use the Black Eyed Peas again for halftime.


"Because I'd like to come every year. That was really fun."

Hey, at least one family enjoyed North Texas.