Gregg Popovich: George Hill's hair 'could really turn some heads'

SAN ANTONIO -- San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich flashed a smile and his sense of humor during the team’s 106-92 win over the Indiana Pacers on Monday, poking fun at the blond hair of guard George Hill.

Revered by Popovich as one of his favorite players, Hill walked past the Spurs' bench during the third quarter as the coach tried to catch the guard’s attention. What was actually said was inaudible on video, but Popovich smoothed the side of his hair with his right hand, then appeared to say, “I like it,” as Hill passed by.

“I love it,” Popovich said after the game when asked about Hill’s hair. “I wish I had the guts he has. That could really turn some heads.”

Indiana acquired Hill in a trade with San Antonio in 2011, and sent Kawhi Leonard, the 15th overall pick in that year’s draft, to the Spurs in exchange. Popovich has said on many occasions he was reluctant to trade Hill, who finished Monday with 15 points and an assist.

“I want the answer because I didn’t have the chance to ask George what was going on out there,” Manu Ginobili joked. “Like 10 days ago, I was watching a game, the Pacers. We were in the locker room. I said, ‘Who’s No. 3?’ Georgie, what? I wasn’t paying much attention to the Eastern Conference teams. I was shocked. But now I’m starting to get used to it.”

Added Spurs guard Tony Parker: “I love Goerge. He’s my little brother. But I don’t know about that haircut.”