Is Philip Rivers a top 10 player in the NFL?

Good morning.

Bill Barnwell of Grantland recently put together his list of the top 100 players in the NFL. Barnwell’s compilation is inspired by the NFL Network’s annual list of the top 100 players in the league, which is voted on by the players.

Barnwell believes the NFL Network’s list is too heavy on position players, and he has more offensive linemen on his list. He also had some players rated higher than the NFL Network’s list.

And one of those players is San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers. The North Carolina State product was No. 43 on the NFL Network’s top 100 but comes in at No. 8 on Barnwell’s list. San Diego safety Eric Weddle is No. 56 and Brandon Flowers is No. 94.

Barnwell: “Among regular quarterbacks (with 400-plus attempts) in 2014, Rivers faced the league’s second-toughest slate of pass defenses, as indicated by the three-point gap between his DVOA and VOA.”

My take: You will get no argument from me that Rivers is among the top 50 players in the NFL, based on his performance the last two seasons and how he runs an offense. But I don’t believe Rivers is among the top 10 players in the league, although you also have to consider that he was an MVP candidate through the first six games of 2014.

Chris Wesseling of NFL.com writes that the Chargers' inside linebacker competition between Donald Butler, Manti Te'o and rookie Denzel Perryman is one of the 18 positions battles to watch in the AFC.

My take: Butler and Te’o are solidly ahead right now, but all three will play. And Perryman could work his way up the depth chart once they put the pads on during training camp.

Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune writes that Weddle should be properly motivated again this season due to feeling disrespected by the Chargers’ front office over not receiving a contract extension.

My take: Weddle doesn’t need motivation to play well, but the lack of a new contract certainly helps, especially with the likelihood of hitting free agency after the season. Even though Weddle is 30 years old, there will be interest from other teams for his services if San Diego decides to move on.

Steve Hartman and Mike Costa of Xtra 1360 Fox Sports Radio talks with former Chargers linebacker Gary Plummer about the Pro Football Hall of Fame not allowing Junior Seau’s family to speak in Canton, Ohio, during the induction. Seau’s daughter Sidney is a presenter and will speak on the video highlight of Seau but will not be allowed to speak in person during the event. Check out the audio link.

My take: Plummer offers a good compromise, stating the Pro Football Hall of Fame could allow the family to present a speech honoring Seau approved by the league.