Vikings' Adrian Peterson sees himself in Chargers' Melvin Gordon

Adrian Peterson says he sees his own running style in Chargers rookie Melvin Gordon. Orlando Jorge Ramirez/USA TODAY Sports

SAN DIEGO -- Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson paid Melvin Gordon a nice compliment during a conference call with San Diego-area reporters on Wednesday.

Considered one of the best running backs ever to play in the NFL, the 30-year-old Peterson said that San Diego’s rookie running back reminded him of how he runs the football.

“He’s got real nice feet,” Peterson said. “He runs physical, and he’s quick in between the tackles. I think maybe that’s why I like him so much, because he reminds me of how I would run the ball with the talent that I’ve been presented with.

“People are presented with so many different talents at the running back position, and they have different styles that they run with. Some guys are like a Barry Sanders or a [Darren] Sproles-type guy. [Gordon] runs the ball downhill, north and south. And that’s what I tend to like most.”

Gordon previously mentioned Peterson as one of the running backs he admired growing up and playing the game in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Along with a similar running style, the two runners share the same No. 28.

“It feels good to be a trendsetter -- to be a guy looked at as an inspiration to younger guys, younger backs that come into the league. That’s a standard that I want to set and leave behind when I’m done playing the game,” Peterson said. “So to know that young guys look up to me and my running style and how I play the game, it makes me feel good. It makes me feel like I’m serving my purpose the right way.”

Peterson said he plans to introduce himself to Gordon after Sunday’s matchup.

“I looking forward to meeting him this week as well,” Peterson said. “Hopefully he doesn’t do too much against us, of course. But I’m looking forward to meeting that young man after the game.”