Chargers WR Travis Benjamin gets married in two ceremonies

SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Chargers' top free-agent addition this year, receiver Travis Benjamin, capped a busy offseason by getting married in the weeks before reporting to training camp this weekend.

And to make things more interesting, the couple had two ceremonies back in Miami, Florida -- an American wedding and a traditional African wedding to honor wife Africa, who is Eritrean.

“I respect her family and they respect me,” Benjamin said. “And when she came to me and said we have to do the traditional African wedding, I was all in.”

The two have been together since they met while Benjamin attended school and played football at the University of Miami.

Together, the couple hosted nearly 1,000 guests between the two weddings. But after signing a four-year, $24 million deal to join the Chargers, Benjamin said he was prepared to handle the bill.

“I worked for it,” Benjamin said. “And just to keep each other happy and keep our head on right, I decided to do it.”

Now, Benjamin said the couple is completing the family’s transition to San Diego, with Benjamin turning his focus to football.

“I was kind of nervous and had the jitters going through everything,” Benjamin said. “So Day 1 was good, and I’m looking forward to Day 2.”