Chargers rank 20th among NFL fan bases

SAN DIEGO -- The fan base of the San Diego Chargers has some work to do, according to data compiled by Nielsen Scarborough.

Nielsen Scarborough ranked each of the NFL markets by the percentage of adults who have watched, attended or listened to the NFL team in that market in the past year. This ranking represents Nielsen Scarborough’s Fall 2014 survey.

The Chargers finished No. 20 among NFL markets, with 55 percent of adults in the San Diego market having watched/attended/listened to a Chargers game in the last 12 months. That number is up from 49 percent in 2013. However, the Chargers ranked No. 13 last year.

The Green Bay Packers topped the survey at 84 percent, followed by the New Orleans Saints (78), the Pittsburgh Steelers (76), Denver Broncos (73) and the Baltimore Ravens (71).

The Seattle Seahawks were the biggest movers, jumping from No. 24 in 2013 (44 percent) to No. 6 in 2014 (71). It’s the highest percentage ever for the Seahawks in the survey’s history.