Chargers GM Tom Telesco: D.J. Fluker staying at right tackle

San Diego Chargers general manager Tom Telesco spoke with reporters at the scouting combine in Indianapolis on Wednesday.

Among the nuggets gleaned from Telesco’s conversation, the most interesting tidbit is that for now, the team will keep D.J. Fluker at right tackle. There had been some rumblings that Fluker would move inside to guard, but for the most part, Telesco said the organization is pleased with how the former University of Alabama lineman has performed in his first two seasons.

“That’s the plan right now,” Telesco said. “We think he has the ability to probably play a couple different spots, but right now that’s the plan, to leave him out there. He was a little uneven at times I think earlier in the year, not so much physical-wise, but more technique. But he had some games late in the year that he showed exactly what he could do, which is he can pass-protect on the right side.

“We know he’s a great run-blocker. He can move people. He has great effort getting out to the second level. His enthusiasm in the run game, you can see that on tape and you can see that live. But in pass protection he can do it out there, there’s no doubt.

Asked if the team’s plans for Fluker could change in the coming months, Telesco had this to say:

“Things could change through March, April, May, June and July,” Telesco said. “But it’s not something we’re actively looking at right now -- where we’re going to put D.J. Right now D.J. is our right tackle, and we’re pretty happy with him there.”

Here are some other tidbits:

• Telesco reiterated that the team is pleased with the way Philip Rivers is playing at 33 years old, and that he could play at a high level well into his 30s. However, Telesco said the team is always looking for contingency plans when it comes to the quarterback position.

• Telesco said he will meet with pending free agent running back Ryan Mathews’ representatives in Indianapolis as part of preliminary conversations toward a possible deal that could keep the former Fresno State standout in San Diego. “Ryan is a talented football player, and as anyone can probably see, we’re a different team when he’s on the field – with his speed, his physicality and his talent level,” Telesco said. “But we’re still discussing some things. We’ll meet with his agent again here at the combine and see where that leads us.”

• With Frank Reich being courted by the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets for those teams' head coaching positions, Telesco said he’s happy that his offensive coordinator remains in San Diego. “We’re really lucky to have him back, and not have to go to another offensive coordinator three years in a row,” Telesco said. “Frank’s an excellent football coach and I’m glad we still have him.”

• Telesco sidestepped a question on the stadium issue, saying he’s focused on improving the team on the field. “Our job is to put the best team on the football field that we can, and stay focused with that,” Telesco said. “I kind of let the politicians and lawyers work on everything else, and I will work on the football team. I haven’t seen it as a distraction at all as of right now. We’re really focused on doing our job.”