Greg Roman says 'balderdash' on claims that Kaepernick lacks touch

Dropped passes have become an issue for the San Francisco 49ers this year. For example, Michael Crabtree has eight drops on the season and Anquan Boldin dropped four passes in the second half on Sunday, equaling his last season's total.

The theory floating about is that quarterback Colin Kaepernick lacks a certain touch on his passes and everything is a fastball, hastening the dropsies plague in Santa Clara.

Offensive coordinator Greg Roman, though, broke out his thesaurus to quash the thought on Thursday.

"Balderdash," Roman said, and if you need to, look it up.

"Every throw is different. Every throw is different and I think you've got to evaluate each one as it is. I thought he threw some, as you say, dimes. He really made some incredible throws in that game. Really, really good throws."

With all the drops on Sunday, Kaepernick finished just 14-of-32 passing for 210 yards through the air with a 15-yard touchdown pass to Boldin that exhibited a lot of touch on the fade to the right pylon.

Kaepernick said Wednesday there are no drops in practices. Pressed on why they happen in games, he said, "You would have to ask them," referring to the receivers.

Surely, though, it has to be somewhat surprising that the dropsies rear their head in games, but not in practice, no?

"Games are difficult," Kaepernick said. "They're not catching balls on air. They have a difficult job to run a route and make plays in tight coverage. So, things are going to happen."

And as far as working on Kaepernick's touch, Roman remained firmly in his quarterback's corner.

"Colin comes in every day and just looks to improve," Roman said. "He's done an amazing job thus far in his career to lead us to as many wins as he has. The exciting thing about it is right now all that success and all those victories, really you wouldn't even tell that that happened.

"He's focused on the now, this week and the New York Giants."

Go ahead, try and call balderdash on that claim.