QB snapshot: Colin Kaepernick

A quick observation of quarterback Colin Kaepernick and how he played in the San Francisco 49ers' 24-13 loss in Week 14:

If even his staunchest defender, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, has acknowledged that Kaepernick has hit a "rough patch," there's not much else to debate, right?

Because if his performance Thanksgiving night against the Seattle Seahawks was this season's nadir, what he turned in against the Raiders was not far above that meltdown. Oakland sacked him five times, intercepted him twice -- on his first and last throws of the game -- and he took three delay of game penalties.

His confidence looks shaken, if not shot, and his cannon for an arm has been misfiring of late.

On throws of at least 10 yards in his past two games, Kaepernick has completed just four of 24 such passes for 76 yards while getting intercepted four times, a passer rating of 0.7 in those situations, per Pro Football Focus.

"We have to work," he said.