Colin Kaepernick focused on improvement

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

The offense regressed to 25th in points per game last season. What is new offensive coordinator Geep Chryst saying needs to change to reverse that trend?

Colin Kaepernick: Just to execute. Doing the things we are supposed to do on offense and go out and make plays.

How does this year’s offense play to your strengths?

Kaepernick: It’s another opportunity to go out and make plays. We have a lot of weapons on offense that we could use, and I’m looking forward to seeing how that pans out for us.

How about your individual strengths? Your individual talent, skill set, so to speak?

Kaepernick: It’s a team game. That’s all we’re worried about, is trying to win as a team.

What quarterback, past or present, do you make a point to study film of?

Kaepernick: I watch a lot of different quarterbacks.

Any specifically?

Kaepernick: The biggest thing is I watch myself. What I need to improve on. What I can do different.

I ask because you worked with Kurt Warner this offseason, and his skill set was different from yours, so there’s no specific quarterback you look at?

Kaepernick: Once again, I look at myself more than anything. What I have to do better.