Which rugby players have the skills to join Jarryd Hayne in NFL?

Jarryd Hayne handicaps rugby stars on their potential to play in the NFL. Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The hype around San Francisco 49ers running back Jarryd Hayne shows no signs of abating. The former Australian rugby league star has made his way into the NFL as a kick returner and running back. He has six carries for 16 yards and has played special teams for the 49ers, who are 1-1 headed into Sunday's game at the Arizona Cardinals.

Who could be the next rugby star to make it in the NFL? Hayne helps scout his former competition.

Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (Sydney Roosters, NRL)

Height/weight: 6-foot-4, 256 pounds

Age: 26

His skills: The most imposing, strongest man in rugby league, with an unrelenting, ruthless temperament to match. He has the size and explosive speed to bounce off blocks and make big plays in the defensive box. He floors opponents with crunching hits week in, week out, with his ability to force fumbles a massive advantage. This power, combined with the footwork and hustle to shed blockers, could aid the pass rush.

Hayne's take: "He'd be an outside linebacker, or a D-end. He's just your typical D-lineman. He's aggressive, he's an animal the way he plays. Very passionate player as well. For me, probably definitely an outside linebacker."

James Roberts (Gold Coast Titans, NRL)

Height/weight: 6 feet, 181 pounds

Age: 22

His skills: Roberts is the fastest player in the NRL, his raw speed a proven game-changer; and his explosive acceleration could also see him turn short gains into a touchdown as a returner or a receiver. He has physical attributes comparable to those of all-time leading punt returner Devin Hester, and his "blink and you missed him" pace and lateral agility could see him make a mark on special teams.

Hayne's take: "Man, he's quick. He's as quick as anyone that I've ever seen. From a speed perspective, he'd definitely be up there with Torrey [Smith]. And Torrey's quick. James Roberts? I've seen some fast people, and Torrey Smith is one of the fastest people I've ever seen, but [James] wouldn't be far off Torrey. He's unbelievable in open space. You watch him run and it's probably one of the most picturesque players to watch run because of how smooth he runs. It's unbelievable."

David Klemmer (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, NRL)

Height/weight: 6-7/265 pounds

Age: 21

His skills: He's the unhinged mad man of the NRL, with an intense gaze through opponents who are probably left envisaging the afterlife. A fearless, brutish player whom you suspect wouldn't hesitate to disembowel the opposition if given the chance, he takes no backward steps. Dogged and deranged, throw him in at defensive end, give him a taste of blood and unleash the beast within.

Hayne's take: "He's similar to Hargreaves. Probably a bit taller so you're probably looking at an Arik Armstead-type. Tall, I think he's about 6-5, 6-6, and same thing -- aggressive and those sort of blokes in the middle are just mad, you know? Definitely fit the criteria."

Cameron Munster (Melbourne Storm, NRL)

Height/weight: 6-foot-1, 196 pounds

Age: 21

His skills: Billy Slater would have been a consensus pick had the NFL come calling in Australia five or 10 years ago, as he had it all: speed, acceleration, reliable under pressure, unparalleled vision in the open field. Now, 30, the time has passed for a conversion. But his protege in Melbourne, Cameron Munster, is displaying many of the skills that would have made Slater a potential NFL success story. Body control, routes, soft hands, speed and intelligence; he also has plenty of years left in the body.

Hayne's take: "I think that's a young guy. He debuted this year. I haven't seen much of him."

ESPN 49ers reporter Paul Gutierrez and ESPN Australia's Paul Wissam and Jake Michaels contributed to this report.