Greetings from London

LONDON -- The San Francisco 49ers arrived in London on Monday an after all-night flight from Nashville, Tenn., giddy after an impressive 31-17 win.

I staggered in behind the team early Tuesday morning. I’m here blurry-eyed and ready for my first European experience. Of course, it revolves around the 49ers' game against winless Jacksonville on Sunday at Wembley Stadium.

The 49ers don’t have anything scheduled for Tuesday. The practice week and media sessions begin in earnest Wednesday.

Still, I will be back with more coverage Tuesday (yes, taking a short nap soon) and will be hitting it hard as the media goes to the English countryside to catch up with the 49ers on Wednesday.

What are my first non-NFL impressions of this trip? Great free movie selection on the flight (inadvertently had my own personal Ed Helms film festival over the pond) and may have had the nicest cab driver of my life coming in from Heathrow to downtown London. His easy conversation kept me awake after a long flight.

The highlight of the chat? I asked him his favorite local beer. The lifelong English resident responded this way: “To be honest, I like Budweiser.”

Perhaps I will see him in St. Louis next season.