Harbaugh won't be a hurdle to Davis' athleticism

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Do you think it made Jim Harbaugh nervous to see his franchise tight end hurdle a St. Louis defender not once, but twice Sunday? Perhaps he will instruct Vernon Davis to stay grounded in the future?

Nah. Harbaugh is not one to get in the way of athletic freakiness.

“Did you tell Michael Jordan not to take off from the free-throw line?” Harbaugh said Monday. “I doubt Phil Jackson (Jordan’s coach in Chicago) ever had that conversation. These guys are pro football players. They do what they do. In some cases, they do only what they can do. It’s why we love watching them compete on Sundays.”

Excellent point, coach.

In other 49ers’ notes:

Harbaugh said Monday the film showed star receiver Michael Crabtree played well Sunday in his 2013 debut. He has been out since May with a torn Achilles.

“I thought he did a very good job,” Harbaugh said of Crabtree. “I think he was really into the game, wanted the ball and he got it and made some things happen. So, the big play the big conversion on third down. Did a lot of good things. Competed.”

Harbaugh jokes his father, Jack Harbaugh, gave him grief that the 49ers didn’t run the ball enough at the end of the 23-13 win over the Rams. “I get it from my dad, too,” Harbaugh said.