About the 49ers, Seahawks and Abe Lincoln

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- There are sentences that only Jim Harbaugh can come up with.

Give him a topic that gets his juices going and step back and listen to the magic.

Harbaugh was asked if he hopes the San Francisco 49ers' home field, Candlestick Park, can generate some noise to make it difficult on the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Seattle's home turf is notorious for being a terrible place for teams to visit.

Harbaugh wants the Candlestick crowd to give the Seahawks a taste what it can bring. This is where the 16th President of the United States comes in.


"Well, I would hope for that this week, that Candlestick, we get it cranked up," Harbaugh said Wednesday. "Make it a real great environment, because it’ll be a great football game. I know players will be very enthusiastic for the game. If this doesn’t fire you up, if this doesn’t fire up the fans then what does? I suppose Abraham Lincoln riding across the field with a frock and a top hat, riding a horse, waving an American flag. I doubt that would fire them up, if this game doesn’t fire them up. The people that really love football would be fired up by this matchup … I think this is the kind of game that will really get the true football fan fired up."

Makes sense, right?