Will Revis chatter start again?

Last year, when standout cornerback Darrelle Revis was on the market, there was big speculation that the San Francisco 49ers would make a run at him through a trade with the New York Jets.

Revis even pushed for it. In the end, of course, the 49ers' pursuit never materialized. Revis was traded to Tampa Bay.

Now, it seems, like there is a chance Revis could, once again, be available. CBS Sports is reporting that Revis could be traded again.

Don't be surprised if the 49ers are again mentioned as a potential suitor. Still, that may not mean anything. Last year, ESPN's Mike Sando didn't think the 49ers' interest in Revis was real.

At this point, I'd be surprised if anything changed this time around. Yes, the 49ers have a fairly large need for a cornerback and they will probably use an early-round pick on the position.

Revis would certainly increase the talent level on an already talent-laden roster.

But the 49ers have other offseason needs and Revis would be expensive. I don't see that fitting in unless the 49ers changed some priorities and his price tag went down. I wouldn't be shocked if these things happened, but for now I think the odds again are on the side of what happened last year when Revis went elsewhere.