Mailbag: Would a falling Bridgewater fit?

Weekend mail call:

Kyle from Austin wants to know if the signing of receiver Brandon Lloyd will affect the 49ers' draft plan:

Bill Williamson: I don't think it has any bearing on the draft. Lloydwill be 33 and signed a one-year deal. So, it doesn't change the need for a receiver. The truth is Anquan Boldin is also 33 and Michael Crabtree is entering the final year of his contract. So, the need to develop a young receiver is a need.

Dave from Weston, Idaho, wants to know if the 49ers will get second-year tight end Vance McDonald more involved in the passing game this season:

BW: That's the plan. McDonald was a much better blocker as a rookie than a receiver. It was a bit unexpected, but he was known as a better receiver coming out of Rice. For a lot of young skill-position players, the jump in the second season is major. The 49ers are hoping McDonald will have that type of experience. The 49ers will not need a major contribution from McDonald as a receiver this year. He is a player they like for the long term, so a jump in production would be nice to see.

Juan from Cerittos, California, wants to know if the 49ers could draft Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater if he falls to the second round.

BW: It's an interesting question. There has been a lot of speculation Bridgewater, once considered a possible No. 1 overall pick, could fall to the second round. The question, as far as the 49ers are concerned, would be how far would he'd fall. If he was available at No. 56, would the 49ers really consider taking him? It would come down how much they like him. Coach Jim Harbaugh loves quarterbacks and the 49ers will likely take one in the second round. If they think a lot of Bridgewater and he is sitting there at the end of the second round, perhaps they'd take him. But I'd be surprised if he falls that far.