Mailbag: Mike Iupati's future

49ers mail call:

Mike from Palo Alto, California, wants to know if I think Mike Iupati will be re-signed by the 49ers in the next year.

Bill Williamson: It’s going to be an interesting situation. Iupati is entering the final season of his contract, but so are Colin Kaepernick and Michael Crabtree. The 49ers want all three players back, but that may not be possible. Iupati has a big reputation and he could be facing a massive contract. If the 49ers can’t secure, he will easily get it elsewhere in 2015. The 49ers may sense that. They took Clemson’s Brandon Thomas in the third round. He is recovering from a torn ACL, but he is expected to be able to play in 2015. He is considered a strong prospect.

Derek from San Jose wants to know how excited I think the 49ers players are to open Levi’s Stadium.

BW: I think there certainly is a sense of excitement about the next stadium. The team trains next to the stadium every day. They have watched it be built. They know how nice it is going to be and I think the 49ers are looking forward to making Levi’s Stadium a special place the Seahawks have done with their stadium.

Jacob from Phoenix wants to know what I think the plan is for Quinton Patton now that the 49ers drafted Bruce Ellington.

BW: They are two different players. Patton may be more of a possession receiver while Ellington can take the top off of defenses. I think both players have great futures.