Thoughts on Davis, Boone holdouts

Now that Vernon Davis and Alex Boone are officially holdouts, one aspect of it did come as a surprise.

Davis' holdout.

Hunker down on the Boone situation. It could take a while. I've been under the impression since April that Boone has no intention of coming into camp unless he gets a new deal. Unless Boone changes course and decides he can't stay away, the only way he comes in is with an extension.

The 49ers are also steadfast in their stance. It's their policy not to tear up existing deals and give players new contracts. Giving in to Boone might set a bad precedent.

But something will have to give. Boone, who has two years left on his deal, is the 38th highest paid guard in football. He is much better than that.

He and his agents are well aware of that fact and prepared to dig in.

As for Davis, I thought he'd be in camp. He said he would be there. Yet it seems like he's ready to stay away.

It will be interesting to see if Davis has the gumption to stay away once training camp starts. It will be surprising if he stays away for a long time.

He loves football. He loves being part of the spotlight. I think it'd kill him to stay away.

Plus he doesn't have much leverage. He is the third-highest-paid tight end in the NFL. At 30, he has two years left on his deal. While he is surely an on-field priority for the 49ers now, I doubt they want to commit more big money to him with players such as receiver Michael Crabtree entering the final years of their deals.

In other words, it's unlikely the 49ers are feeling pressured by this decision, even though they definitely want Davis back. I just have a feeling this one will be sorted out more easily than the Boone dispute.