49ers' Michael Crabtree, Alex Boone defend Jim Harbaugh

A couple of higher-profile San Francisco 49ers players have joined Jim Harbaugh in dismissing the NFL Network’s claim by Deion Sanders that players want Harbaugh out as head coach.

49ers receiver Michael Crabtree, who is friends with Sanders, took to Twitter Tuesday morning, posting:

Also, right guard Alex Boone went on ESPN Radio affiliate 95.7 The Game on Monday afternoon.

“If you’re not in our locker room, then keep the 49ers’ name out of your mouth,” Boone said. “Let’s just do that. Because you have no idea what goes on in our locker room.

“I know for a fact that everybody loves Harbaugh. He’s a great guy. How can you not want to win for a guy that wears cleats during the game? Come on now. Have you not seen that guy’s energy? He’s excited 24-7. You’ve got to love to play for a guy like that. That’s what football is all about.”

Harbaugh said Monday he had trouble giving credence to “anonymous” sources, calling it “crap,” something Boone echoed.

Meanwhile, 49ers general manager Trent Baalke, with whom Harbaugh purportedly has a tenuous relationship, downplayed the reports on his weekly radio appearance on The Game.

“All I know is that this team is fully committed,” Baalke said, “everybody from the head coach on down. We’re all in, and we’re all in it together and we’ve got to continue to grind.”