Marshawn Lynch stayed on field at halftime

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Despite temperatures in the low 20s and a wind-chill factor in the low teens, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch made a highly unusual decision of staying on the field at halftime instead of going to the locker room with his teammates.

With Seattle trailing 14-13 to the Kansas City Chiefs at the half, Lynch elected to sit on the bench on the Seattle sideline until the start of the third quarter.

"He thought it would be better for him to stay out," said Seattle coach Pete Carroll, not elaborating on why Lynch would think that was advantageous in such harsh weather conditions.

Lynch refused to talk to reporters after the game, so there wasn't an opportunity to ask him about his odd decision. There was some speculation that his back was tightening up in the cold, so he thought it might help to keep the bench heaters blowing on his back during the half.

In the 24-20 loss to the Chiefs, Lynch's second-half totals were similar to the first half. He rushed for 68 yards on 12 carries in the first half and 56 yards on 12 more carries in the second half.