Pete Carroll says team meeting changed attitudes for the best

RENTON, Wash. -- Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is hoping last week's team meeting about staying together carries over into the Thanksgiving night game against the San Francisco 49ers.

"All throughout the season, you always have these opportunities to go one way or the other," Carroll said. "We're just getting going. We have been trying to find our best play all throughout the year. Last week some things became clear and we made sense of it.

"That's about as much as we're going into it. I'm not going to go a whole lot more in depth about it. It was a wonderful week of team and a great celebration on game day."

The Seahawks defeated the NFC-West leading Arizona Cardinals 19-3 four days after the team discussed their overhaul attitude and how to improve.

Receiver Doug Baldwin said it was about everyone keeping their egos in check and playing for each other, trusting each other and believing in the guy next to you. Basically, it was about doing what they did last season.

"It was a topic that generated some questions with some guys," Carroll said. "We got together to try to bring the truth out of what was important, then I was able to step back and let them take charge of passing the message along and they did a great job."

Carroll believes the players made a fundamental change in how they approach things mentally.

"We made a real nice shift and took a nice step forward to getting to where we want to get," Carroll said. "Guys were totally giving themselves to one and another and they played for each other and it showed up. It was something that was most powerful in a team setting and everybody felt it."