The Seahawks are an explosive bunch

Making big plays and stopping big plays is a mantra for success in the NFL.

The Seattle Seahawks are an explosive bunch when they need to be. The Seahawks led the NFL in game-altering plays this season, a trend that continued in the 31-17 playoff victory Saturday night against the Carolina Panthers.

The Seahawks had 10 game-altering plays Saturday, including all three offensive touchdowns. For that matter, so was the defensive TD, as game altering as it gets with Kam Chancellor's 90-yard pick-six in the fourth quarter.

Seattle ran 50 plays from scrimmage, so 20 percent were explosive plays, which include any pass of 16 yards or more and any run of 12 yards or more. Seven of 22 passes were explosive and five of them were 25 yards or more.

Wide receiver Jermaine Kearse had three receptions of more than 30 yards -- a 63 yard TD with a spectacular one-handed, over-the-shoulder catch and to 33-yard receptions.

Quarterback Russell Wilson was involved in eight of the explosive plays, including a 14-yard run in the third quarter. Marshawn Lynch had a 25-yard run and Robert Turbin added a 13-yard run late in the fourth quarter.

The 10 explosive plays Saturday topped the Seahawks’ average of 8.4 game-altering plays per game this season. Seattle had 135 explosive plays in the regular season, one more than the Indianapolis Colts.

And the Seahawks also led the league in fewest explosive plays allowed at 76.