Richard Sherman calls Kam Chancellor 'a lion among wild dogs'

RENTON, Wash. -- Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman had a fun way of describing what strong safety Kam Chancellor means to the Legion of Boom.

"We’re a bunch of wild dogs until the big lion [Chancellor] comes around," Sherman said. "We’re some bad men when he comes. He just brings that menacing force. We’re a pack of wild dogs and they’re pretty dangerous, but a lion running with a pack of wild dogs, that’s something."

Sherman had a lot of interesting things to say during his news conference Wednesday, including critical comments of New England quarterback Tom Brady. But most of the time this season, Sherman has been relatively quiet compared to last season.

"I’ve just become cliché," Sherman said chuckling. "Really cliché, just because that’s what was required. I didn’t want to distract from my teammates, and I wanted them to get more attention this year.

"People want to pay attention to what you say, so you say more cliché things so they pay more attention to [middle linebacker] Bobby Wagner and [defensive end] Mike Bennett, Kam Chancellor, and the guys playing fantastic football."