How Seahawks' Legion of Boom got its name

PHOENIX – In case you don’t know the story of how the Seattle Seahawks secondary became known at the Legion of Boom, strong safety Kam Chancellor explained it Wednesday.

“It was a radio interview,” Chancellor said. “The fans wanted to come up with a name for the group and we saw a bunch of names come across Twitter. None of them were catchy, but when we saw Legion of Boom, it jumped out.”

Chancellor said he and other defensive backs -- Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Brandon Browner (now with the Patriots) -- liked that term.

“Legion is like a vast army,’’ Chancellor said. “We just went with Legion of Boom and it kind of fits the description of our unit, our brotherhood of love, trust, honesty, respect. I think all those elements right there create the power in our group. It creates the talent and brings out the talent. It brings out everything in our group.”