Seahawks have the fourth toughest schedule in 2015

Going by their schedules next season, you might conclude that the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots will have an easier time getting back to the Super Bowl than the Seattle Seahawks.

Based on 2014 results, the Seahawks will have the NFL’s fourth toughest schedule in 2015. The Patriots will have the 22nd toughest schedule, even though both teams finished the regular season 12-4.

The Seattle opponents had a combined .559 winning percentage in the 2014 season. The Patriots’ opponents have a .477 winning percentage.

Part of the reason is the division opponents. The other three AFC East teams were 21-27 in 2014 while the three NFC West teams were 25-23.

Another reason is the Seahawks play the AFC North in 2015 (Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Cleveland) teams that were a combined 38-25-1. The Patriots play the NFC East (Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington and the New York Giants) teams that were a combined 32-32.