Little girl brokenhearted over the Jimmy Graham trade

It’s easy to overlook at times how much star athletes mean to people, especially children. But the video of his little girl shows her heartbreak over tight end Jimmy Graham being traded from the New Orleans Saints to the Seattle Seahawks.

She is 7-year-old Lexia Woods. Here is the link to the video, which was posted on YouTube and then Facebook by her mother, Ashley-Ann Woods.

Lexia was born in New Orleans, but they are a military family, currently stationed in Charleston, South Carolina. Jonathan Woods, Lexia’s father and Ashley-Ann’s husband, currently is serving in Afghanistan.

“We fell in love with New Orleans the four years we were there," Ashley-Ann Woods said Tuesday. “And we love all the support that Jimmy Graham gives to military members and their families. Lexia really just wanted three people to see this: her teacher, Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy.”

The video is a conversation in the car between Lexia and her mom:

Lexia: “Wherever Jimmy Graham goes is where I go, no matter what team.”

Ashley-Ann: “What team is he going to?”

Lexia: “He’s going to the Seahawks.”

Ashley-Ann: “You don’t want him to go the Seahawks?”

Lexia: “It’s just not smart of them to let Jimmy Graham [go] over there.”

Ashley-Ann: “Why is that.”

Lexia: “He’s a really good player and [she stops and begins to cry] I like him and I want him to stay [with] the Saints.”

Ashley-Ann: “What would you tell Jimmy Graham right now if you could?”

Lexia, bursting into tears: “That he shouldn’t go to Seattle.”

Graham later saw the video and the story.

"I just got a message from Jimmy," Ashley-Ann said. "He was very touched and has reached out and extended the invitation for Lex to come see him at his first home game in Seattle."