A closer look at Seahawks draft pick Tyler Lockett

This statement tells you a lot of what type of person Tyler Lockett is. After being drafted in the third round by the Seattle Seahawks, the Kansas State receiver/returner said he was rooting for the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. He had these thoughts on the fateful interception at the goal line.

“You can’t help but put yourself in that situation,’’ he said. “We ran that play at Kansas State a lot, so I was really familiar with the play. Things happen and it’s about how you respond. I’m ready to go out here and respond well with my teammates.”

A classy response for a guy that has a reputation as being a high-character young man. Here are a few others things you might not know about Lockett:

First, he was a top-notch student. Lockett was the Big 12 Scholar Athlete of the Year last season.

Lockett also set 17 school records in receiving and returning, and he caught 21 passes last season that were at least 15 yards downfield. His 28.5-yard kickoff return average for his career tied the Big 12 record. He averaged a whopping 19.3 yards per punt return last season and had a 15.2-yard career average.

Lockett was asked last Friday what makes him such a good punt returner.

“I really learned to be a great decision-maker,’’ he said. “When to let it bounce, when to catch it, when to fair catch it, when to make a move. It’s all about making a move and going. That’s one of the things I have been working on. I’m ready to learn some more.”

His father, Kevin Lockett, was the all-time leading receiver at Kansas State until Tyler broke his dad’s record. Kevin had 217 receptions for 3,032 yards in his college career. Tyler finished with 249 catches for 3,710 yards.

“It was an amazing feeling,”’ Lockett said of surpassing his father. "My dad is proud of me. He always said he would rather it be his son [to break his record] than anyone else, and fortunately that happened. That is something that I will always cherish.”