Russell Wilson sees the Super Bowl loss as motivation

Russell Wilson's contract status continues to be a major topic of conversation these days, but the Seattle Seahawks' quarterback insists his focus is elsewhere, like making a positive out of a huge negative in the heartbreaking Super Bowl loss.

“I think it’s a motivating factor for sure," Wilson said. “But I don’t think it’s the ultimate one. I think when you’re an ultimate competitor, it comes down to we want to go out there and dominate as much as we can in every game. That’s just our mindset.

“So win or lose, we overcome things and we’re used to that. Our personalities, our experiences as young men, every guy can find something they’ve overcome. That’s our mentality.”

Wilson was asked where he thinks the Seahawks are heading into this training camp compared to a year ago after the Super Bowl victory.

“I think we’ll have to find out as the season goes on,' Wilson said. “But as far as our bond, it’s very good. It’s very, very strong. It’s the same guys for the most part, so that’s a really good thing for us in terms of everybody being able to bond together and fight together and to have that mentality.

“So nothing’s really changed for us. Hopefully we’ll continue to elevate one another, continue to learn from one another and continue to try to remain humble through it all, the success and some of the failures that we’ll go through."