Russell Wilson talks contract, baseball and Ciara on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel offered to help quarterback Russell Wilson negotiate a new contract with the Seattle Seahawks.

Wilson, who appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Thursday night, is in the final year of his rookie deal and is scheduled to be paid $1.5 million next season. He told ESPN's Marty Smith earlier this week: "I continue to love the game for what it is and continue to fight and continue to play no matter how much I'm getting paid, no matter if it's $25 million or if it's $1.5 million. I'll be ready to go."

Kimmel asked Wilson if he had an agent, then offered to consult, saying they could "hash it out right now."

"You have made enough money for them," Kimmel said. "I think it’s OK for them to pay you. You want to be the highest paid player in football, correct?"

Wilson answered: "I just want to paid based off my play. It will all work out in the end. We’ll figure it out."

Kimmel asked Wilson if Seahawks coach Pete Carroll still does pranks on his players. Wilson's funny response, in light on his contract situation, might be viewed as a subtle dig by some people.

"He doesn't really do any pranks," Wilson said. "He used to when he was at USC. He used to pay for pranks, and his players. He used to pay for both, you know, back then."

Kimmel: "He's gonna love that comment."

Then fellow guest and comedian Andy Sanberg chimed in: "Do you think the call he made [in the Super Bowl] was a prank?"

Wilson just chuckled.

Kimmel also asked Wilson about playing baseball. A second baseman, Wilson is under contract with the Texas Rangers and said he has wanted to play both sports professionally since he was a kid. Kimmel suggested it would be easier for Wilson to play football and baseball if he were traded to the Mariners.

"If you got traded to the Mariners organization, would you then take a whole different look at it?" Kimmell asked.

"I would definitely consider it, sure," Wilson answered.

Finally, Kimmel asked Wilson about his relationship with singer Ciara. The two have been dating since April and attended a White House dinner together. Kimmel showed Wilson a video Ciara made after the Patriots beat the Ravens in the playoffs to advance to the AFC title game. She was praising Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, saying she would "rep him all day, every day."

"That was our first argument. I saw that about a week ago," Wilson said with a laugh.

"Her response was, the following week she was cheering for the Seattle Seahawks and that she was rooting for us the whole time. I don’t know."