Wilson watching Holliday in World Series

RENTON, Wash. -- Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will be in St. Louis this weekend rooting for his good friend and former quarterback -- Cardinals left fielder Matt Holliday.

While Wilson is guiding the Seahawks Monday night against the St. Louis Rams at the Edwards Jones Dome, Holliday will be a few blocks away playing in Game 5 of the World Series against the Boston Red Sox.

“I’m really good friends with Matt and his family,” Wilson said Friday. “His dad, Tom Holliday, is the assistant head coach at NC State [where Wilson played both baseball and footbal]. We have a really good relationship. I talk to Matt quite often and Coach Holliday a good amount as well.”

Wilson got to know Matt while Wilson was playing baseball for the Wolfpack. Wilson also was the NC State quarterback, but left after his junior year to play professional baseball (he was a second baseman in the minors) before ending his college football career at Wisconsin.

Wilson was asked what he wanted to do more as a kid – play in a World Series or play quarterback in the NFL.

“I dreamed about playing both,” he said. “So this weekend is kind of a perfect opportunity for me.”

But he doesn’t think he’ll have time to go to Game 4 Sunday night.

“Probably doubtful,’’ he said. “I probably won’t be able to go to the game because of team meetings, but hope to watch some of it.”

And he’s hoping to see his buddy, Matt, have a big game.

“He’s as good as a person as it gets,” Wilson said of Matt Holliday. “And he was a really great football player as well, playing quarterback. We’ve gotten to know each other and exchanged jerseys. I’ve got his gray [Cardinals road] jersey hanging up on my wall. I’m wishing him the best of luck. I just enjoy talking to him about sports. He loves it.”

Holliday played quarterback at Stillwater High School in Oklahoma when his father was the head baseball coach at Oklahoma State. Matt was recruited to play football for OSU, but elected to sign a baseball contract with the Colorado Rockies. Now he's one of the top hitters in the National League.

The World Series game Monday night probably means a lot of empty seats for the Seahawks-Rams game going on at the same time. Some people who have tickets to the football game may stay home to watch the baseball game on TV if they don’t have tickets to attend it in person at Busch Stadium.

Some Seahawks-Rams tickets were selling for only $8 Friday at online tickets sites. Wilson was asked how it might affect the Seahawks to play in a half-empty stadium.

“Whether it’s 75,000 people there or just two people, we have to play great football, any time, any place,’’ Wilson said. “That’s what we talk about all the time.’’