Russell Wilson credits water with his recovery from big hit

The Seattle Seahawks' improbable comeback in last season's NFC Championship Game was even more improbable considering the hit to the head quarterback Russell Wilson took in the second quarter.

Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews' blindside block on Wilson looked bad enough to knock the quarterback out of the game. But, Wilson returned on the next series and led the Seahawks to an overtime victory. He didn’t miss a practice leading up to the Super Bowl.

How'd he do it?

According to Wilson, it was the healing properties of a sports drink, one in which he invests. The story, presented without commentary, goes like this:

In a feature that appears in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, Wilson credits his recovery from that head injury to Reliant Recovery Water.

"I banged my head during the Packers game in the playoffs, and the next day I was fine," Wilson said in the story. "It was the water."

The story notes that Wilson, who is an investor in the product, mentioned an unnamed teammate whose knee injury healed "miraculously" thanks to the product.

Wilson's agent Mark Rodgers, who was present at the time of the conversation between Wilson and the story's author, pumped the breaks a bit by saying, "Well, we're not saying we have real medical proof."

But Wilson said he's a believer.

"I know it works," he said, according to the story. "Soon you're going to be able to order it straight from Amazon."