Kam Chancellor reportedly chimes in on 'petty' stalemate with Seahawks

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Dan Hellie of NFL Network said he heard from Kam Chancellor on Wednesday:

"Hellie reported on NFL Total Access that Chancellor told him he is willing to meet Seattle halfway and that the two sides are less than $1 million apart. He said he's not looking for new money, but wants salary currently allocated for the 2017 season to be moved to 2016. Chancellor used the word 'petty' in describing the negotiations, according to Hellie.

'He told me he feels like this whole thing could be over by now,' Hellie said Chancellor messaged him."

Chris Burke of SI.com has the Seahawks second in his power rankings behind the Patriots:

"'Has this team gotten over the play call in the Super Bowl?' ... 'How about now?' ... 'Now?' Everyone can stop asking now. Those involved will likely always regret Russell Wilson's goal-line interception last February, but the choices are to move on and try to win the NFC again or to curl up in a fetal position for all eternity. Good teams use disappointment as fuel. Seattle is a great team."

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com has the Seahawks ninth:

"The uncertainty up front of the offensive line is a major concern. The addition of Jimmy Graham might be able to compensate for it. We know the defense will be good -- if the starting secondary is on the field."

Mike Garafolo of Fox Sports argues that Chancellor is paid well for a strong safety:

"Much as Chancellor and his agent Alvin Keels -- the same agent who in 2013 negotiated the four-year extension for Chancellor that is now only 25-percent complete -- are privately making the case he should be paid in line with the $9 million-plus Byrd, McCourty and Thomas are getting, the fact is Chancellor still has the best deal of any NFL strong safety. The Miami Dolphins' Reshad Jones is technically the highest-paid strong safety on a per-year basis by a margin of $2,500 over Chancellor, though Chancellor's contract edged Jones' deal in the key metrics of guaranteed money ($17 million for Chancellor to $15 million for Jones) and two-year payout ($16.1 million for Chancellor, $13.7 million for Jones)."