Darrell Bevell: Getting Jimmy Graham involved will be an emphasis

RENTON, Wash. -- Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and quarterback Russell Wilson are walking a fine line when it comes to finding ways to use their new weapon, Jimmy Graham.

In Week 1, Graham had six catches for 51 yards and a touchdown on eight targets. But five of the catches and seven of the targets came in the second half. The Seahawks don't want to force the issue with Graham, but they traded for him for a reason. At 6-foot-6 with 35-inch arms, giving Graham a shot to make plays even when he might be covered is a good idea on most snaps.

"He has the throwing radius where sometimes you just flat throw him the football," said Packers coach Mike McCarthy.

Much of the decision-making will fall on Wilson's shoulders. In the second half last week, there was a play where Graham found a small space in the Rams' zone. Two defenders were closing, but Wilson threw it anyway, put the ball in the perfect spot, and Graham made a 6-yard grab.

There are other occasions when Bevell can dictate a favorable matchup for Graham. On the touchdown, the Seahawks lined up with three receivers to the right and isolated Graham out wide to the left. It was man coverage, and Wilson put the ball up high for Graham, who came down with a 7-yard score against safety T.J. McDonald.

"Again, it's going to be an emphasis for us," Bevell said. "We're going to continue to try to get him the ball. Sometimes you just have to throw him the ball. Glad that we were able to get him a touchdown. A good throw and a good catch right there. So we'll continue to find ways to get it to him."

As for how Graham was used, he blocked on run plays 31.6 percent of the time, per Pro Football Focus. He went out in pass routes 63.2 percent of the time. And he stayed in to pass block on 5.3 percent of the snaps. It was only one game, but Graham was used as a blocker 36.9 percent of the time, compared to 30.5 percent last season.

How defenses match up with Graham will be an ongoing storyline to watch this season. According to ESPN Stats & Information, he set up as an in-line tight end the majority of the time (67.1 percent of the snaps). Graham was in the slot 21.9 percent of the time and out wide 11 percent.

The Packers did a good job on Bears tight end Martellus Bennett (five catches, 55 yards) for most of the game, but he did get in the end zone on a 24-yard score with 34 seconds left. According to Football Outsiders, the Packers were middle of the pack (14th) when it came to covering tight ends last year.

In three career games against Green Bay, Graham has averaged 63.7 yards per game and scored twice.

As the weeks go on, look for Wilson to give Graham more and more shots even when he might not necessarily be open.

"I think that's really on the practice field and some of the confidence that you can gain there," Bevell said. "When guys are draped all over him, can I throw this in here? Where can I locate it? ...The more he does it, the more confidence he'll have with that."