Seahawks' Paul Allen reportedly worth twice as much as any NFL owner

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According to Forbes, Seahawks owner Paul Allen is the 26th-richest American, worth an estimated $17.8 billion. Per their findings, Allen is worth more than twice as much as any other owner in the NFL:

He also has three professional sports franchises. He bought the first one, the Portland Trail Blazers basketball team, for $70 million in 1988. Local politicians talked him into buying the Seattle Seahawks football team for $288 million in 1997. They were just trying to keep the team from moving, but it turned out to be a great investment. The Seahawks are now worth $1.3 billion, according to Forbes, coming off consecutive Super Bowl appearances.

Elliot Harrison of NFL.com has the Seahawks eighth in his power rankings:

We don't see many shutouts these days in the NFL. Too many illegal-contact calls, lame rules geared toward the offense (heck every rule is geared towards the offense) and Dwayne Bowe Fantasy Memorial Garbage Time touchdowns. That was pure domination by the Kam Chancellor-sporting Seahawks on Sunday. (Do you older Seattle fans remember when you'd get electronic football by Mattel and the batteries weren't included? So deflating.) Chancellor had a quiet day, but the Seahawks' D did not, allowing just 146 yards total. The Bears averaged 3.2 yards and a cloud of ground-up tires.

Ryan Wilson of CBSSports.com ranks backup quarterback situations. He's got the Seahawks at No. 17:

The 1-2 start coupled with the Cardinals' going 3-0 land the Seahawks here. This team isn't built to come back, especially without Russell Wilson. But Jackson has started in the past, and he has the benefit of a strong running game and stout defense.

FoxSports.com has the Seahawks eighth in its power rankings:

With Kam Chancellor back in the mix at safety, we saw exactly what the defense was capable of again in Week 3. If the Seahawks want to get back to the elite level, though, they need to find ways to open up the offense to get Tyler Lockett and Jimmy Graham even more opportunities.