Tyler Lockett says Marshawn Lynch helped him with his 401(k)

Kenny Mayne, Tyler Lockett out on the water (5:28)

Kenny Mayne takes Seattle WR Tyler Lockett out on his boat to talk all things Seahawks, including Marshawn Lynch's 401K advice. (5:28)

Seahawks rookie Tyler Lockett recently taped a SportsCenter segment with ESPN's Kenny Mayne aboard a boat on Lake Washington.

Mayne asked Lockett which of his teammates have mentored him early in his NFL career.

"Russ [Russell Wilson] helps me out with a lot of things," Lockett said. "I know when I talk to Marshawn [Lynch], Marshawn just helps me with a lot of things as far as just understanding my worth.

"If you ask me, I think he’s a great guy. Even at practice, he’s helped us with the 401(k), talked to us about that. ...He’s helped us with a lot of stuff."