Jason Witten advised Cowboys to run at Seahawks' Bruce Irvin

In last week's victory, the Seattle Seahawks limited Dallas Cowboys running backs to 84 yards on 25 carries (3.36 yards per carry).

It was clear the Cowboys' game plan was to try to control the game with their offensive line and rushing attack. And during "NFL Turning Point" on NBC Sports, tight end Jason Witten can be heard advising coaches to run the ball right at Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin.

"You want to go downhill on their ass?" Witten said on the sideline. "You go right at [No.] 51. ...42 iso, run it 28 times."

But nothing really worked for the Cowboys on the ground.

"Really without Matt’s [Cassel] numbers in there, it was a very, very good day," coach Pete Carroll said earlier this week. "So that’s good work for us. But we need to do that. We need to be able to play like that. That’s how we hope to play."

Overall, the Seahawks rank 10th in rush defense, according to Football Outsiders' DVOA efficiency ratings.

During the "NFL Turning Point" segment, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett lobbied for the officials to call holding on the Seahawks for their contact after 5 yards, but the officials said they didn't see enough to warrant flags.

And Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant told coaches that they were "missing these touchdowns." That's something he reiterated after the game, pointing out that Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman wasn't the reason for his two-catch, 12-yard performance.