Pete Carroll: Marshawn Lynch would provide 'tremendous lift'

Pete Carroll still does not have a timetable for when Marshawn Lynch will return to practice, but the Seattle Seahawks coach acknowledged that getting Lynch back would provide the offense with a nice lift as the playoffs approach.

"It’s all just how he’s responding, and it’s really day-to-day," Carroll said during his weekly appearance on 710 ESPN Seattle. "He’s trying to get back and get right. ... When he’s ready to get back and have a chance to play football, then we’ll kick it into high gear.

"He’s a terrific football player. If he’s right, he gives us a tremendous lift. And we’ve seen that for years. We’re hoping that he can get well and get back."

The question is: What will it take to get Lynch right? He's been training in the Bay Area since undergoing surgery associated with a sports hernia injury more than a month ago.

Will Lynch need a week of practice to get ready for a game? Will he need touches in Week 17 before potentially playing in the playoffs?

"It depends how far back he is," Carroll said. "If he’s really ready to go, he’s ready to go. We’ll have to wait and see when we get him on the practice field."

Meanwhile, the Seahawks are monitoring injuries to a couple other key starters. Strong safety Kam Chancellor has missed the past two games with a tailbone/pelvis issue.

"Kam made some progress, but it’s been very slow for him, and it’s been a very difficult injury," Carroll said. "He’s fighting to get back. He was a little bit better [Sunday], I understand. I didn’t see the workout with him, but the guys said he did a little bit better. But it’s still a battle. We don’t know that he’s going to make it back yet."

And left tackle Russell Okung missed Sunday's game with a calf injury.

"Okung has to get to running first," Carroll said. "He’s not there yet."