Baldwin defends his friend Jonathan Martin

RENTON, Wash. -- Seattle receiver Doug Baldwin wants people to know they might have the wrong impression of Miami Dolphins offensive linemen Jonathan Martin over the whole hazing situation.

“I know Jonathan’s character,” said Baldwin, who was Martin’s teammate at Stanford. “He’s a great guy and a great friend of mine. He’s never been in any trouble. For this situation to happen it had to be very serious.

“There are some people saying that Jonathan Martin is soft. For anybody to say he can’t handle it is really disappointing to me, and it’s disappointing that our society even has to question it. It’s pathetic to me. We need to look at these things logically and with common sense.”

Baldwin said he believes Martin did the right thing in leaving the team.

“What option did he have?” Baldwin asked. “He could have fought [Richie] Incognito. He could have told on the guys involved, which we know doesn’t go over well in a football locker room, or he could remove himself from the situation, which he did. I think he made the right decision.”

Baldwin said he called Martin this week.

“I reached out to him just to make sure he was OK,” Baldwin said. “I just wanted him to know I was here for him.”

Seattle free safety Earl Thomas said he doesn’t think a similar hazing problem would happen with the Seahawks.

“We have so many great leaders here we don’t have to worry about that," Thomas said. "You never know the type of background guys come from. A lot of guys come from a rugged background. I know where I’m from [Orange, Tex.) the weak don’t survive. But I don’t think it would ever get to that point here. We would nip it in the bud real quick.”