Seahawks have 18.7 percent chance to win Super Bowl

According to Football Outsiders, the Seattle Seahawks have an 18.7 percent chance to win the Super Bowl, the best odds of any remaining playoff team.

The site uses DVOA to measure efficiency, and that's how they calculate playoff odds. The Seahawks finished first in DVOA for the fourth straight year in 2015. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was asked about the metric last week.

"We’ve been aware of it," Carroll said. "It’s an interesting stat because it’s so comprehensive, and it does take into account all three phases in great detail. I don’t know how the structure of it is, how accurate it is, to tell you what kind of team you are. But it is a pretty cool stat, because it does involve everything that you’re doing, and they measure it against I think the average of what’s going on in the league. So that’s a good sign of consistency, is what it is."

ESPN's Football Power Index isn't as high on the Seahawks, giving them an 11.7 percent chance to win the Super Bowl, fifth among the remaining playoff teams. That's where Vegas has them also (6-to-1), behind the Arizona Cardinals (3-to-1), New England Patriots (4-to-1), Carolina Panthers (4-to-1) and Denver Broncos (5-to-1).

As for this weekend, the Seahawks are between a 2.5- and 3-point underdog, depending on the sportsbook. It's the fourth time this year the Seahawks have been underdogs (at Arizona, at Cincinnati, at Green Bay).