Seahawks have no issue with Cam Newton's celebrations

RENTON, Wash. -- Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was asked this week whether he has a problem with how Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton celebrates.

"No, you get to the end zone in an NFL game, you deserve the right to celebrate," Sherman said. "I mean, you’ve worked hard, you’re a professional athlete. If you don’t get to celebrate in the pros, when do you get to celebrate? When do you get to show what you can do to enjoy yourself? I mean, this is a game. I think some people who’ve never played it, who’ve never expressed passion, sit behind desks all day and do that. Maybe you celebrate sometimes when you do something great, and nobody judges you, because nobody’s watching. But as you’re watching him, enjoy it. He’s enjoying it, he can enjoy his craft. If he wants to celebrate, that’s fine."

The Seahawks have seen Newton celebrate up close and personal. In the Panthers' Week 6 win over the Seahawks, Newton went 20-for-36 for 269 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions. He also ran seven times for 30 yards and a score, rallying the Panthers for a 27-23 victory.

But the Seahawks feel like they are a different group this time around. Middle linebacker Bobby Wagner didn't play in the first game. And they've since replaced right cornerback Cary Williams with a combination of Jeremy Lane and DeShawn Shead. In their past six road games, the Seahawks have allowed only one offensive touchdown.

"I don't think anybody likes anybody that wins and tries to rub it in a little bit," defensive end Michael Bennett said. "If you want somebody not to do something, you've just got to stop them. If you hold a team to zero points, then you don't see any dancing. But if they're winning and you can't stop them, the more they should do that. They should rub it in. It'll make you want to play harder.

"More people worry about them dancing [more] than stopping them. When you stop a team, they can't do what you don't want them to do. When Cam made that point, I thought he made a good point. I think if you don't want a guy dancing in the end zone, it's real simple. Don't let them get to the end zone. I think that's what you have to do when you're playing against this team."

Meanwhile, on the other side of the ball, Russell Wilson made it clear that he's a big Newton fan. He told Charlotte-area media earlier in the week that Newton would get his MVP vote.

As for the celebrations, Wilson said, "Yeah, you know everybody’s different. But it’s football, you enjoy the game, you love the game. I think that his dancing and stuff, it’s just showing gratitude. He’s happy out there. For me, I’m just grateful I get to play too as well. Everybody shows it differently."