Do Seahawks have anyone to potentially replace Bruce Irvin?

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Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times takes a look at the Bruce Irvin situation:

Conventional wisdom is that Irvin is likely headed elsewhere, with Atlanta having long been considered a possible suitor due to the fact that Irvin is from there and former Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn is now the head coach there.

But if Irvin gets away the question then is who replaces him. Pierre-Louis had been regarded as the heir apparent to that spot. But he got just the one start this season and has to be regarded as still unproven. Morgan was Irvin’s official backup this season but also is now an unrestricted free agent.

John Fraley of Field Gulls shows that the Seahawks are not typically a slow-starting team:

The 2015 Seattle Seahawks run more plays, get more yards, and score more points on their first drive than they do in other game situations. And they destroy the league average in all three categories.

The Hawks also outscore the opponent on average 4.8-2.5. If they'd prevented points like that in all four quarters this season, they would've permitted just 160 all season. Just 160! As it is, they led the league by allowing only 277 points.

It's fair to say the Hawks do not start slow on offense, and they do not start slow on defense. They are better than usual early in the game. On both sides of the ball. The belief that Seattle's coaches use the first quarter merely to feel out the opposing defense is officially debunked by numbers.

Brian Nemhauser of Hawkblogger looks at 10 young Seahawks who could shape the offseason, including offensive lineman Mark Glowinski:

Glowinski got a start late in the year and performed well. Well enough that the front office will be tempted to save money at the guard spot on a guy like Sweezy. However, the team could decide to bring Sweezy back, and move Glowinski to left guard. That would either move Justin Britt back to right tackle or possibly to the bench, or even center. Glowinski seems like a player on the rise, and one who could help this offensive line.